Insurance Solutions Designed for You

Disability Insurance for High Income Professionals

Protect your financial security with disability insurance to help maintain your standard of living if you can no longer do what you currently do best.

Competitive Life Insurance Design

Safeguard your family with life insurance designed to protect your loved ones or business. We’ll help you select the right structure for your situation.

Malpractice / E&O Insurance

As a professional or business owner, protecting your assets against litigation is critical. Vestia® Insurance Services can help you choose the right plan to protect your practice.

Property and Liability Insurance

We assist you with the coverage you need to protect your home(s), vehicles, and toys, plus umbrella liability protection.

Your Advisor is Focused on You, Not a Commission Check
Did you know that advisors are commonly paid commissions of greater than 100% of your first year premium when they sell you certain insurance products?

At Vestia Insurance, we believe your advisor should be free to offer great solutions without being worried about the size of their commission check. That’s why our advisors receive salaries plus profit sharing, not direct insurance commissions.

Our approach is simple: We want you to feel good about the insurance you choose with us, and we want you to be fully confident that our guidance is always in your best interest.

Want Us to Review Your Current Insurance?